Your donations made a difference in the fight to protect local communities

We want to thank all the community-spirited people for their important donations to RFSA, and provide an insight into where the funds so generously given were directed.

At a critical time in the recent fire events, RFSA supporters were amongst the first to answer the call. At that time, RFSA had already distributed over $100,000 in supporting firefighters in the field, and helping them deal with the emotional impact of what they were going through.

By the time the fire threat had diminished, RFSA had provided:

  • Over $74,000 for fresh clothing (after days spent on the fire front)
  • $2,000 on care packs and wipes to give respite from the trying conditions
  • Almost $380,000 on additional food and coffee served during breaks from fighting fires
  • $153,000 for access to support and chaplaincy services in moments of stress and emotional strain.

The cost of providing these important and practical services this fire season was over $600,000.

This is money well spent on the people who needed it most, and we can’t thank all our supporters enough for the tangible support donations provides RFS volunteers.

Many RFSA supporters tell us that the community spirit and bravery of RFS volunteers is the reason for donating to RFSA, knowing the funds will go where it’s need most: funding the training, equipment and chaplaincy; that keeps local Rural Fire Services divisions across NSW ready to tackle events that threaten local communities.

The coronavirus outbreak has seen RFS volunteers back in action again, with the same selfless dedication to protecting their neighbours in times of need.