RFSA assisting in the fight against Covid-19

When Westmead Children’s Hospital contacted the RFSA with a request for protective goggles for medical teams working hard to save lives during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were happy to provide these from our stocks. Ordinary people who put their hand up to protect their communities in critical times deserve the respect of all Australians, and the RFSA continues to work closely with organisations at the frontline to assist wherever we can.

When you support RFSA fundraising you’re helping make a difference before, during and after community-threatening events. Though Covid-19 may be front of mind right now, we continue to support firefighters and their loved ones with meaningful assistance as they recover from the devastating impact of the summer fire events.

Along with the RFSA Raffle and other fundraising activities, the RFSA also sells a range of protective equipment and gear to the general public at our online RFSA Shop. Proceeds go towards the training, equipping and chaplaincy for members and their families.