For RFS firefighters, the challenges they face go beyond the inferno.

The fires may have abated, but for many RFS firefighters the stress and psychological impact of their experience remains. Their local communities have been devastated; homes and lives taken; incomes lost; and the process of re-building will be long. Often, there is also the deep trauma of having survived the unrelenting force of nature when others have lost so much.

RFSA is committed to delivering ongoing, meaningful support and care for our members, at what is a critical stage in the recovery process for many volunteers. We are implementing programs where members can work through their experiences in positive and actionable ways. This is central to our ethos of protecting the people who protect their community.

As the coronavirus outbreak deeply impacts our society, RFSA will continue our efforts to be there for members who need support.

Every online raffle ticket we sell, and every donation RFSA receives, helps support volunteer firefighters before, during and after fire events.

We will continue to update you on the progress we’re making in providing for these brave women and men. To everyone who chose to make a donation to RFSA, thank you for providing the funds that had, and will continue to have, a profound and positive impact on our firefighters. Knowing that they have the support of people like you is important to the healing process.