Frequently Asked Questions

The RFSA is the officially recognised Member Association supporting the volunteer firefighters and staff of the Rural Fire Service in NSW in the work they do to protect your community.


  •      Raffle funding provides funds for a year round grant scheme that helps many Brigades improve the level of their amenities, training and member welfare.  Some items that are popular to apply for  include portable fridges that can be mounted on tankers, GPS navigation units and electric hose reels to make winding up hoses that much quicker and less strenuous.
  •     Your raffle support assists the RFSA in providing the sponsorship of training and learning events, the provision of scholarships for relevant educational courses, financial assistance for counselling, chaplaincy and family services, and long term sustainable benefits for NSW RFS members.
  •     Importantly, your support also allows the RFSA to continue providing the most effective means of representing and communicating the views of volunteer firefighters to Governments and industry bodies.